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Member Report Reward
Member Only


   Ecu Rewards:
Report on a listing on the Vibary Network, and earn 0 ecu.

Why Report?
The Vibary Network is a self-publishing site. It depends on the wisdom of its members and general users to identify and report bad listings and other showing issues. These reports will alert the human Vibarians to investigate. This will help maintaining the Vibary Network fresh and free.

Why Member Report?
When you send your report as a Vibary member, you will earn 0 ecu as a token of our appreciation. You can also send a report without being (or signing in as) a Vibary member. In this case, you will not receive the Member Report reward. Anonymous reports are also weighted less than Vibary member reports.

How Many Times?
For each listing, a Vibary member can earn the Member Report reward once. If as a member, you have already reported, you can change your report but you will not earn the Member Report reward a second time. You can of course report on a new listing and earn the Member Report reward for that listing.

Only Honest Reports
We appreciate honest reports that identify an issue. These reports will trigger an investigation by the Vibary staff. These investigations are costly and impact our ability to keep the Vibary Network free for you to use. All the reports are logged. If we detect a pattern of misleading reporting just to collect the Member Report rewards, all your ecus from this reward program will be forfeited, including those from your honest reports. Furthermore, your membership may be penalized.

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